Your law firm clients are your best marketers


Most lawyers and law firms are looking for new and different ways to market their legal practice. The reality is that most lawyers and law firms can always use new clients. The need for new clients can cause many attorneys to come up with new ways to advertise. Some lawyers may decide […]

The Biggest Trends Affecting Marketing in Sports


This article was written by Mildred Delgado There was a time where big-name sponsorship deals were the bread and butter of sports marketing. However, since there’s been an overload of advertising and new channels for marketing, there are now new and exciting opportunities for both brands and sports clubs to […]

Digital marketing agency Mediaworks aims to create jobs in Leeds after hiring former Brass employees


(Left to right: Andrew Brown Creative Strategy Director, Mark Rutherford Chief Financial Officer, Gary Smith Chief Operating Officer, Dan Hoggan Chief Technical Officer, Paul Mallet Managing Partner, Brett Jacobson Chief Executive Officer, Becca Tredget Head of Strategic Planning and Gill Ball Managing Partner.) HAVE YOUR SAY A digital marketing agency […]

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